reated by the founder Giovanni Giordano with an act of courage in the thirties, when the vine and quality wines were going through a particularly negative period of structural and market crisis, the company dedicated the first part of its history to tending its vineyards and selling the grapes.

It was the son, Luigi, who decided to keep as much added value as possible within the firm and – at the beginning of the sixties, when plans were afoot to introduce “denominazione di origine” status in favour of quality wines – began making his own wines from the grapes grown on these highly-prized vineyards.

Capitalising on the solid financial results achieved step-by-step, the company has gradually re-invested in land, and the estate now stretches out over seven hectares of vineyards, all located in Barbaresco on the slopes of some of the most prestigious growing areas, such as Montestefano, Asili, Ronchi and Cavanna. The varieties grown are those which tradition has reserved for these lustrous wine hills: the aristocratic Nebbiolo, the generous Dolcetto, the versatile Barbera, the sturdy Freisa.
These have been joined over the past few years by Arneis, a white wine made from grapes selected from the best hillsides of the Roero area, where it has been grown since far-off times.

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