Langhe Nebbiolo

Etichetta Langhe Nebbiolo

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

Origin:Traditional harvest-time selection and blending of grapes from the CARLINET , BUSCHET , RONCHI and CAVANNA vineyards, all situated within the Barbaresco zone.

100% Nebbiolo

Vinification:Red wine vinification with de-stalking and maceration for 6-7 days; fermentation is at a controlled temperature.
Ageing and refining:After a brief period of ageing in Slavonian oak barrels, the wine is refined in horizontally placed bottles for at least 4-5 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:Delightfully intense ruby-red colour; fragrant and vinous perfume with notes of geranium, raspberry and wild strawberry; the flavour is dry, ample, definite and enveloping.
Serving:Medium-sized wine glasses at 14-16°C.
Match with:Eat starters, salami, fondue, rich, filled pasta dishes, red and white meat roasts, and matured cheeses.
Keeping:2 to 8 years.

Dolcetto d'Alba

Etichetta Dolcetto d'Alba

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

Origin:traditional grape selection during the harvest and blending of fruit from the BUSCHET and RONCHI vineyards, situated within the Barbaresco zone.

100% Dolcetto

Vinification:Traditional red wine vinification with de-stalking followed by temperature-controlled fermentation. Maceration lasts 5-6 days.
Ageing and refining:After the usual period of clarification, the wine is bottled and then refined in horizontally-positioned bottles for 3-4 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:The colour is ruby red with intense violet highlights; fruity perfume with a note of Morello cherries. The flavour is full, dry and elegant with a delicate bitterish aftertaste.
Serving:Medium-capacity wine glasses at 14-16°C.
Match with:Meat starters, light but tasty pasta dishes, white meat roasts, salami and fresh cheeses.
Keeping:1-3 years.

Langhe Rosso


Langhe DOC Rosso

Origin:Traditional grape selection durin the harvest and blending of fruit from vineyards situated within the Barbaresco zone

After a soft pressing and crushing of the grapes, the fermentation develops at a controlled temperature and is accompanied by a maceration period of 8-10 days. In this whole period daily pumping are performed.

Ageing and refining:After the racking and the initial period of clarification, the wine matures for 3-4 months in oak casks, then is refined in bottles for at least 3 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:Ruby is a delicate color with light garnet. The bouquet is full and fruity, with hints of crisp dried flowers, dried plum and red fruit jam. The light spicy notes are just delicately noticed. The wine is full-bodied and elegant, well balanced and drinkable particularly.
Serving:Serve in goblets of medium size at the temperature of 15/16 °C
Match with:Plates of medium structure, especially the appetizers of meat, long pasta dishes and filled with classic condiments (meat sauce, butter and sage, etc.), although it can be used during the entire meal. It is also great for informal snacks with sandwiches and teasers at any hour of the day.

Barbera d'Alba


Barbera d’Alba DOC

Origin:the BUSCHET vineyard situated within the Barbaresco zone. Barbera is a vigorous, big-yielding varietal.

100% Barbera

Vinification:Traditional crushing with de-stalking followed by controlled-temperature fermentation and frequent pumping-over. Maceration lasts from 8 to10 days.
Ageing and refining:The wine ages for 3-4 months in Slavonian oak barrels and is then refined in horizontally-placed bottles for at least 3 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:Intense purple-red colour and ample, vinous perfume pleasantly fruited with notes of plum and blackberry; the flavour is dry, harmonious and warm, perfectly complementing the wine’s robust structure.
Serving:Medium-capacity wine glasses at 16-18°C.
Match with:Substantial pasta dishes, stewed and boiled meats, medium-matured cheeses and salami.
Keeping:2-4 years.

Langhe Freisa


Langhe DOC Freisa

Origin:Traditional blending of grapes from the CARS and BUSCHET vineyards, situated within the Barbaresco zone. A generous and resistant vine which has long been cultivated in the winery’s estates.

100% Freisa

Vinification:Traditional red vinification with careful de-stalking; the wine is preserved in wooden barrels and undergoes re-fermentation in temperature-controlled vats with formation of a light perlage.
Ageing and refining:After bottling, the wine is refined for 3 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:Intense ruby-red colour with an lively and enjoyable vinous perfume containing fruity notes of cherry, blackberry and raspberry. The flavour is ample, dry and rendered particularly fragrant by the sparkling nature of the wine.
Serving:Medium-sized wine glasses at a temperature of 14-16°C.
Match with:Meat starters, salami, Italian pasta dishes, mixed fries and bagna caoda.
Keeping:1 to 3 years.

Roero Arneis

Etichetta Roero Arneis

Roero Arneis DOCG.

Origin:Selected grapes from the best sites in the Castagnito zone.

100% Arneis

Vinification:Traditional white wine vinification with soft pressing of grapes, cold racking of must and fermentation in temperature-controlled vats at 18 – 20°C.
Ageing and refining:After a brief period in stainless steel vats, the wine is transferred to bottle where it is refined for at least 2-3 months.
Organoleptic characteristics:Straw yellow colour with bright greenish highlights; the perfume is fragrant and fruity with definite notes of lemon, hazel nuts and pineapple; the flavour is dry, full and elegant.
Serving:Serve in high-sided tulip glasses at 10-12°C.
Match with:Fish starters, salami, light pasta dishes, grilled white meats and pizza.
Keeping:1-2 years.

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