Barbaresco DOCG


In the village of Barbaresco, the Cavanna Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva, or MGA (indicating a registered vineyard)


Maceration for 20-25 days in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks with regular pumpover. Malolactic fermentation continues in stainless-steel tanks.


The wine ages at least 18-14 months in large, 25-50HL, Slavonian-oak barrels averaging 25 years old.


To avoid complications caused by oxidation at colder temperatures, as temperatures increase with the advent of summer, the wine is typically bottled in July following three years of barrel aging.
The bottles will then be stored horizontally at 16-18 C°.


This wine is suited to long aging. It is recommended to store the bottles at regulated temperature and humidity (16-18 C° and 60%) away from bright light.


This is the last of our vineyards to achieve phenolic maturity thanks to its unique microclimate created by the combination of its western exposure and the influence of the currents of the nearby Tanaro River. Harvest takes place the second week of October.

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The cru

250 meters a.s.l.
2,0 ha
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Cavanna is the subzone closest to the center of the village of Barbaresco. The exposure is west to southwest and the soils are composed of laminated Sant’Agata Fossili marls mixed with silt. Our vineyard, divided into three parcels, ends at the sheer dropoff of the cliffs along the Tanaro River, whose currents contribute to a unique microclimate.

The vineyard is the one we hold most dear: it was the first to be vinified as a single-vineyard by Luigi in 1971 and, ever since, we have been the only producer to produce a Barbareco bearing the vineyard designation.